Micro Focus Computer

Our Services

Installation and Upgrades

Need more hard disk space or memory?  Want to update Windows or other software?  You don’t need to remove your machine from it’s location.  We will inspect your machine and tell you what kind of upgrade is possible and if is is cost effective.  Get it done for you right on site.

Networking Services

Have a network installed in your home or office.  We can install and setup a wireless or wired configuration depending upon your needs. Need cables run for wired networks? No problem. We use licensed and insured installers as a commitment to your safety and code compliance.

Internet Securities

Don’t leave yourself vulnerable to attack from viruses and hackers.  New viruses are discovered weekly and identity theft by hackers is increasing at an alarming rate.  Your personal information is at risk.  Secure it with easy to use programs and devices.

Maintenance and Support

If your computer is running slow or crashes it may not be being maintained properly.  Using the proper tools, your machine can be setup to run at it’s optimum speed.  Blue screen crashes or programs freezing are annoying and counter-productive.  Your computer could have corrupted drivers or out of date software.  Get back up to speed by having it optimized to run efficiently.

System Restoration

Your computer can be restored to it’s original configuration.  It is possible that your computer’s operating system and software may need to be put back to it’s original factory configuration for various reasons. Some of these reasons may be that your hard disk drive fails, needs to be replaced, the drive has been adversely affected by a virus, or just to clean it out and “start over”. 


With so many options available in new PCs you want to get the right PC for your home or office.  Our consultation service will help you purchase a machine that is tailor made for your purposes while staying within your budget.  And because we do not sell computers there is no conflict of interest with this consultation.  No pushy salespeople trying to sell you something you do not need.