Micro Focus Computer

Networks, Servers and Backup


Creating a network in your home or office requires careful planning and attention to detail. We can provide you with a complete solution no matter how large or small your network is or needs to be. From start to finish we can manage every aspect from running of cables, setup and configuration of patch panels, routers, firewalls, computers, printers, etc all working seamlessly with each other. We can setup wireless networks and access points and secure them with the highest encryption currently available to maintain system integrity. If cables need to be run in your home of office we use licensed and insured installers to ensure you safety and code compliance.


The right kind of server for your business is a decision that needs to be made before putting one in. No one wants to find out after the fact that the wrong type of server or incorrect one has been installed. This can be a costly mistake. We can consult with you and then provide the right kind of solution for you business needs. Whether you need a domain controller or simple stand alone server we can get you up, running and configured correctly. We are up to date on Microsoft Windows Server 2003 and 2008 platforms.


Many times backing up data only becomes important after a disaster happens. Too often we hear "I meant to create a backup but never got around to it". You can easily prevent the loss of your important and often irreplaceable information such as family photos, music and personal documents. We can provide many solutions that once setup require no intervention on your part. Simply set it and forget it.

NAS Network Attached Storage

You may not need a server, but you still need a central location for your users to access documents, scans, downloads, and other files. A network attached storage device or NAS can be the solution for you that will provide multiuser access and maintain security for sensitive information. This solution can save you thousands of dollars while giving you what you need to run efficiently without the maintenance of a server.